Changes in trademark law

About radical changes in trademark law: letters of consent, the possibility of obtaining protection for trademarks containing the name of Poland, the new trademark registration system in Poland, and new rules governing the loss of protective rights to trademarks.

Outsorcing in practice

Outsourcing continues to be an appealing solution for businesses. But for it to generate benefits rather than legal problems, a number of issues must be analysed—from the liability rules governing the parties to issues of state aid and data protection.

Internal investigations

Internal investigations conducted by enterprises in-house when irregularities are suspected offer many advantages to businesses compared to initiatives undertaken by public law enforcement authorities. We encourage you to read the new publication prepared by the Business Crime Practice.

Crowdfunding – report summary

This is an abbreviated version of a report on the legal and tax aspects of crowdfunding drafted by Wardyński & Partners in September 2014. We attempt in our report to submit the phenomenon of crowdfunding to a legal and tax analysis from the point of view of all stakeholders: funders, beneficiaries (project designers), and crowdfunding platforms. We suggest changes in the law which could help to fully exploit the positive potential of crowdfunding.

Virtual currency – report summary

This is an abbreviated version of a report on the legal and tax aspects of virtual currencies drafted by Wardyński & Partners in July 2014. The report deals, among others, with the following issues: If there is an error when carrying out a Bitcoin transaction, does the party have any kind of claim? Whom would the claim be against? Is theft of virtual currencies a crime at all? If so, where is it committed? Can Bitcoins be inherited? Can Bitcoin be pledged as collateral? If so, what would be the governing law?

Subcontracting in public procurement

The new provisions of the Public Procurement Law regulate for the first time ever in Poland the contractual relationships between contractors in public procurement and their subcontractors. You may read how this relationship is now structured in our newest publication.