Practical M&A Guide

An overview of mergers and acquisitions in Poland. The process, structure and parties to M&A deals, legal restrictions and tax aspects, discussed clearly and accessibly. What to bear in mind, and what details require special focus.

Report: Blockchain, smart contracts and DAO

Blockchain technology holds vast potential that can only be unleashed with regulatory backing. Smart contracts and decentralised autonomous organisations can change the legal system as we know it while generating new models for the economy.

Liability of public authorities

The topic of liability for damages on the part of public authorities is not widely known. Many people are not aware of the extensive rights at their disposal connected with actions by bodies of public authority. Consequently, injured parties often fail to pursue redress of losses suffered in connection with public administration.

Exchange of tax information

All over the world, and in Poland as well, legal instruments are being developed and introduced to ensure automatic exchange of tax information on a global scale. What does this exchange involve, and what can the consequences be for taxpayers? We invite you to read and learn more about this issue.

Tax aspects of inheritance and reprivatisation

Regaining property or receiving an inheritance often results in creation of a tax obligation. A publication prepared by the Private Client Practice discusses how the tax is calculated and when a tax exemption is available.

Changes in the public procurement law

Poland did not manage to implement the EU’s new procurement directives on schedule, but contracting authorities are required to conduct proceedings in full compliance with EU law. Read about the changes introduced by the proposed amendment of the Public Procurement Law.