Law for game development

Across 70 pages, we write about the use in games of objects from the real world, legal protection of games and concepts, in-game advertising, tax relief under the IP Box, employment in the game industry, and contract negotiations.

Changes in civil procedure

An overhaul of Polish civil procedure was published on 6 August 2019. The amending act partly entered into force in August, but most of the new rules apply from 7 November. What should be expected, and what are the worries?

The Real Estate M&A and Private Equity Review – Edition 4

For the fourth time the lawyers at the firm: Izabela Zielińska-Barłożek, Łukasz Szegda, Michał Nowacki, Michał Wons, Maciej Szewczyk, Radosław Wasiak and Marcin Pietkiewicz, are the authors of the chapter on the current situation on the real estate development market in Poland.

Legal aspects of media activity

The most important practical issues of media activity. The bounds of permissible criticism, cooperation with influencers, protection of catchphrases from films, issues connected with dissemination of persons’ images, and rules for liability of website administrators for unlawful content posted by users.

Detention of an individual

Who can be detained, and when? Can measures of direct compulsion be applied during detention? How long can a person be detained? Does a detainee have the right to remain silent? Can detention be appealed against?

Construction disputes

Is life easier for subcontractors? What purpose does the guarantee of payment serve in practice? How can the investor recover fees paid directly to subcontractors?  Lawyers experienced in handling construction contracts discuss these issues.