Will new clinical trials act eliminate irregularities?

Recent reports on disproportionate fees for doctors conducting clinical trials and the hospitals where they work are not the only problem. Conducting sometimes dozens of trials at one medical facility seriously reduces the quality of the research.

New crime in the Penal Code

Stalkers may no longer go unpunished. Under a proposal by the Polish Ministry of Justice, persons guilty of persistent harassment may be sentenced to as much as 12 years in prison.

Stronger position of creditors

It may be possible to obtain quicker, cheaper payment of debts secured by a bank guarantee, insurance guarantee, bank letter of credit or bank surety.

Izabela Zielińska-Barłożek: Prison for pollution

An interview with Izabela Zielińska-Barłożek, a partner at Wardyński & Partners who directs the Environmental Law practice group