changes in law

New rules for admission of foreign rolling stock onto the Polish rail market

On 14 June 2011 the Polish government approved a bill to amend the Rail Transport Act in order to provide for automatic admission of rail vehicles for operation in Poland if they have been admitted for operation in another EU member state.

New law on environmental crimes in force since 10 June 2011

There are now more acts against the environment punishable as crimes. In some cases members of the management board of a company may be held responsible.

New rules for liability for injury to a company

Regulations liberalising the rules for criminal liability of management board members of capital companies go into effect on 1 July 2011.

Financial obligations of sponsors of drug trials

What treatment should the sponsor of clinical trials pay for under the new regulations?

Permit from the president of URPL, not the Minister of Health

A change in the body responsible for issuing marketing authorisation for drugs should cut the time required to obtain approval in Poland.

New Private International Law

The new Private International Law went into force in Poland on 16 May 2011, replacing the old law from 1965.