already in force

Financial obligations of sponsors of drug trials

What treatment should the sponsor of clinical trials pay for under the new regulations?

Permit from the president of URPL, not the Minister of Health

A change in the body responsible for issuing marketing authorisation for drugs should cut the time required to obtain approval in Poland.

How long before generic drugs can be marketed?

Generics are substitutes for an original drug. May they be marketed as soon as the 10-year regulatory protection period for the original (innovative) drug ends?

New treatment of share redemption income

Amendments to the Corporate Income Tax Act and the Personal Income Act in Poland went into force on 1 January 2011, including changes in the tax treatment of share redemption transactions.

Easier to file for bankruptcy

An amendment to the Polish Bankruptcy Law went into effect on 22 December 2010, giving debtors a chance to supplement deficient bankruptcy petitions while maintaining the original filing date.

New authority for fiscal inspectors

When must a financial institution release information to fiscal audit authorities identifying the holder of a bank account?