public procurement

Public procurement requirements will apply to contracts for over PLN 126,747 net

An amendment to the Public Procurement Law will increase the threshold for application of the public procurement regime. Contracts and contests worth no more than EUR 30,000 will be exempt from procurement procedures.

High fees for review of National Appeal Chamber rulings are constitutional

In public procurement proceedings, a party dissatisfied with a ruling of the National Appeal Chamber will still have to pay high fees for judicial review.

Guidelines for amendment of the Public Procurement Law

Proposed changes to the Public Procurement Law are designed to cut the red tape in filing offers in public tenders, but prices will be subject to closer scrutiny.

Public procurement-EU thresholds raised!

The European Union’s threshold for announcement of public works contracts awarded by all contracting authorities has been raised from EUR 4,845,000 to EUR 5,000,000. The thresholds for contracts for goods and services have also increased.

When to supplement bid documents in a public procurement proceeding?

The Public Procurement Law allows the contracting authority to summon a bidder to supplement its bid documentation. The law does not prohibit a bidder from doing so on its own initiative, but is that a good idea?

What information may be protected in a procurement bid as a trade secret?

An offer filed by a bidder in a public procurement procedure may contain information that constitutes a trade secret, which as an exception to the rule of transparency may not be disclosed to other bidders or third parties.