intellectual property

Damages for online copyright infringement

It is hard to assess the scale of copyright infringement when it occurs on the internet. Proving the amount of the injury is one of the challenges facing the copyright holder. Lump-sum damages can help. This issue was recently addressed by the Warsaw Court of Appeal—a good occasion to cover a few ground rules for how to proceed in cases of this type.

Repair clause in disputes over replacement parts

The new ruling by the Court of Justice on the “repair clause” gives more freedom to manufacturers of non-original replacement parts.

Intellectual property protection on the cosmetics and perfumes market

We devote today’s edition entirely to the cosmetics and perfumes industry, and to the intellectual property protection phenomena and processes specific to that industry.

Patents from Zduńska Wola in Hollywood?

The cosmetics industry remains one of those industries where the role of innovation cannot be overestimated. Patent law makes it possible to monopolize innovative solutions and ensure their unimpeded exploitation.

Can one have exclusive right to a scent?

The original, unique, scent is one of the most important features of luxury perfumes and its composition is usually a closely guarded secret. Paradoxically, however, granting legal protection to a scent is extremely difficult. Indeed, this issue has not been resolved in the decisions of the Polish Patent Office or Polish common courts.

From the drugstore to the courtroom – what are the main reasons behind disputes between cosmetic and perfume companies in Poland

On the Polish market of cosmetics and perfumes we will find both global producers and Polish brands. The latter are getting better and better. The cosmetics market in Poland doesn’t stop to grow. That growth has been particularly dynamic in recent years. Competition is also intensifying. It can lead to an increase in the number of court litigation cases related to intellectual property rights. Below we indicate what in our experience has been the most common subject of disputes among industry players.