intellectual property

Poland: legislative amendments could help to better enforce cessation claims under IP law

A problem in protecting intellectual property rights was ensuring the effectiveness of court orders that infringement of those rights cease; a proprietor did not have fully effective measures to be able to enforce such an order.

May counterfeit and pirated goods in transit through the EU be seized and destroyed?

The European Court of Justice has clarified its holdings on the issue of transit of infringing goods through EU territory.

Goods and the service of selling them-a trademark sandwich

Under trademark law, the service of selling products is considered inseparable from the products themselves.

Joanna Krakowiak: Interim relief is available in complex pharmaceutical patent disputes

An interview with Joanna Krakowiak from the Life Science practice group at Wardyński & Partners about pharmaceutical patent litigation.

eBay on the blacklist

On 12 July 2011 the European Court of Justice issued a judgment concerning the use of trademarks on internet auction sites (L’Oréal SA v eBay International GmbH, Case C-324/09).

Citizen standing to object to trademark registration

The Polish Supreme Administrative Court has confirmed that a person objecting to a decision to register a trademark under Art. 246 of the Industrial Property Law need not demonstrate a legal or factual interest in the matter.