insolvency and restructuring

Costs imposed on creditors filing claims against the bankruptcy estate

When filing a claim against a debtor in bankruptcy, a creditor must comply strictly with the judicial deadlines, or else face additional costs.

Liability in damages of a member of the management board for failure to file a timely bankruptcy petition for a limited-liability company

A creditor of a company may seek to hold a member of the management board liable in damages if a bankruptcy petition for the company is not filed on time.

Konrad Grotowski: The owners of a company threatened by bankruptcy sometimes give in to the temptation to remove assets from the company

An interview with Konrad Grotowski from the Bankruptcy and Restructuring practices at Wardyński & Partners on how creditors can protect themselves against actions by a dishonest debtor.

Michał Barłowski: A revolution ahead in Polish bankruptcy law

An interview with Michał Barłowski, the partner in charge of the Bankruptcy and Restructuring practices at Wardyński & Partners, about planned amendments to Poland’s Bankruptcy & Rehabilitation Law.

When an airline is short of money: Public aid for air carriers

LOT Polish Airlines is not the only carrier seeking public aid. Airlines in other countries have also been forced to seek state support. Whether the effort succeeds depends primarily on how the aid is assessed by the European Commission.

The Drumet story-from bankruptcy to acquisition by a strategic investor

In the course of the past four years, Drumet, a Polish producer of steel wire, has gone through an interesting series of ownership changes.