insolvency and restructuring

The situation of lessees and tenants in execution and bankruptcy proceedings

If execution or bankruptcy proceedings are commenced against the owner of leased or tenanted real estate, the lease or tenancy contract may be terminated early by the administrator or trustee. Rent paid in advance may then be deemed ineffective. How should lessees and tenants protect themselves when entering into a contract with an owner in poor financial condition?

Court restructuring in practice

For nearly four years, Polish businesses have been in a possession of an important tool to restructure their debt and return to economically sustainable operations. Our experience since the Restructuring Law has been in force shows that with proper selection and cooperation with creditors, the new court procedures have many advantages and can lead to effective debt reduction. At the same time, we see room for improvement in the current regulations, which cannot be corrected through the practice of the authorities and participants in the restructuring process alone.

An enforcement clause can be issued for a ruling against a bankrupt company

The Polish Supreme Court has confirmed that there is no reason not to confirm that a foreign judgment against a bankrupt company is enforceable, and issue an enforcement clause. Courts of lower instance have ruled out this possibility.

Basic business intelligence in Poland

Starting a new business or establishing relations with other businesses always carries with a certain degree of risk. Thus an extensive legal background check of a prospective business partner will usually be advisable. The question is what is the reasonable scope of such a check and what sort of information may be obtained from public sources.

Conversion of debt to equity and sale of assets as mechanisms for restructuring public companies

Can public companies and others operating on a large scale and needing to restructure their debt take advantage of in-court restructuring using the mechanisms in the Restructuring Law?

Reservation of title to sold goods

Reservation in the sales contract of ownership of the goods until full payment of the purchase price by the buyer increases the security of a supplier of raw materials and semi-finished products to a customer threatened with insolvency.