Technical improvements in procedure

The amendment of the Civil Procedure Code introduces a few technical improvements to increase the efficiency of proceedings.

New jurisdiction of the courts in certain cases

While focusing on the most notable changes in the amended Civil Procedure Code, it is possible to overlook the change in the jurisdiction of the courts in several categories of cases. But this change is vital to many litigants.

The return of the separate procedure in commercial cases

Along with the recent amendment of the Civil Procedure Code, the separate procedure in commercial cases has returned. This will undoubtedly be a major change for businesses and their counsel.

New procedure for service of documents under the Civil Procedure Code

Electronic service between attorneys, and the end of fictitious service. The amendment to the Civil Procedure Code has brought numerous changes to the service of legal documents.

New litigation management tools for judges

Two conditions must be met for a civil dispute to be resolved effectively: at the earliest stage of the case it must be precisely defined what is truly disputed between the parties, and the proceeding should be planned so that those issues can be focused on. If this can be achieved, the parties and the court can devote their energy and attention to the truly relevant issues. This will improve the speed and quality of judicial decisions, legal certainty, and security of commerce.

Direct compensation from insurers under the new commercial procedure

Will the amended civil procedure rules improve the litigation position of people suffering a loss in motor vehicle collisions?