European order for payment

Anna Zielińska from the Dispute Resolution and Arbitration practice group at Wardyński & Partners explains how to pursue undisputed monetary claims against foreign debtors.

Calvin Klein is not the only “CK”

The European Court of Justice has held that the trademark “CK Creaciones Kennya” is not similar to the trademark “CK” registered by the Calvin Klein Trademark Trust for clothing.

If you don’t go to court, the court may come to you

Failure to appear at a court hearing where testimony will be taken from the parties or witnesses does need not necessarily mean that the hearing will have to be continued to a later date.

“Collection of items and rights” subject to a registered pledge should be interpreted in light of the economic purpose

The Polish Supreme Court upheld a cassation appeal presented by Wardyński & Partners and held that when evaluating whether a changing collection of assets may be subject to a registered pledge…

Unlawful to reuse trademarked containers?

The ECJ is to decide whether reuse of packaging bearing a competitor’s brand is trademark infringement.

Czechs win Budweiser name in Europe

The dispute over the Budweiser name in Europe is now over. The European Court of Justice upheld the opposition by the Czech company Budějovický Budvar to an application by the American company Anheuser-Busch to register the Budweiser trademark for beer.