capital markets

Fines for violating reporting requirements when buying shares of listed companies

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority has fined a couple PLN 200,000 for acquiring shares in a listed company over the 10% threshold without announcing a public tender.

Danuta Pajewska: A well-functioning compliance division lets management sleep easier

Interview with Danuta Pajewska, partner at Wardyński & Partners and co-head of the Banking and Finance practice group

Heavy fines for blogging

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority is investigating a blog that has featured information about the operations of a capital group since May of this year.

Insider trading can be a risky game

Use or disclosure of confidential securities-related information is a crime punishable by prison or millions of zlotys in fines.

When is income on currency options recognised?

In the case of “virtual” currency forward contracts income is deemed to arise upon receipt of payment.

First judgment in favour of a customer who lost money on currency hedging

The court held that the bank misled the customer by failing to warn of the risk associated with currency forward contracts. But each claim must be considered on a case-by-case basis.