capital markets

Who needs paper?

When conducting transactions involving shares in a Polish joint-stock company, it is essential to formulate the share sale agreement properly and carry out the measures required for effective transfer of the share rights to the buyer.

Share transactions and the right to vote the shares of a public company

It may happen that a shareholder of a public company is not entitled to vote its shares at the company’s general meeting.

Changes in reporting obligations of securities issuers

Recent amendments to the Transparency for Listed Companies Directive should improve the system for release of information by listed companies.

Investments in securities by managers of public companies

A management board member, with access to confidential company information, is subject to a number of restrictions on buying or selling shares of the company, on his own or another’s account.

Is the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive already in force in Poland?

Poland has yet to adopt regulations implementing AIFMD, but that does not mean that nothing will change on the Polish market for private equity and closed investment funds in the next few months, before the new regulations are enacted here.

The future of securitisation

The recommendations published recently by the Financial Stability Board may result in more rigorous regulation of securitisation transactions.