French inheritance documents in Polish reprivatisation proceedings

Reprivatisation cases require identification of all the former owners of the property as well as their legal successors. Thorny problems can arise when inheritance documents from France are involved.

Localisation of foreign civil register deeds in Poland

Identifying all the parties to reprivatisation proceedings can be difficult when the heirs of the former owners are spread around the world. Proving legal succession requires submission to the court of civil register documents, which may be registered in Poland for the purpose of Polish legal proceedings.

Effectiveness of foreign notarial deeds in Polish reprivatisation cases

In reprivatisation cases, the claimants’ legal succession from the prior owners is sometimes determined from foreign notarial deeds. Their effectiveness in Poland depends on certain factors.

It’s not just Giesche

The legal status of holders of pre-war bearer stock certificates remains unresolved.

Holders of shares of pre-war companies: Shareholders or collectors?

The holders of share certificates of Giesche SA did not succeed in reactivating the pre-war company. But does that mean that share certificates issued by pre-war Polish companies are now only of value as collector’s items?

After reprivatisation: Steps to take and accounts to settle

Regaining real estate through the reprivatisation process is the beginning of the stage of mutual settling of accounts with the former public holder of the property and the stage of rectifying the legal status of the property.