Litigation and law in Poland

Real estate and construction

Litigation relating to real estate and construction projects falls under the jurisdiction of the common courts, as well as public administrative bodies and administrative courts. The subject matter concerning real estate varies, hence the diverse range of institutions dealing with dispute resolution in this regard. […]

Financial litigation

The term “financial litigation” encompasses all judicial, insolvency and regulatory disputes involving financial institutions—primarily banks, brokerages, investment funds, and insurance companies, as well as investors. Adversary proceedings and disputes in a broader sense, primarily arising under the law of banking, securities, insurance, and investment funds, […]

Sports litigation

The term “sports litigation” encompasses disputes involving persons involved in sport (clubs, players, trainers, agents, associations and so on). The most frequent disputes concern payment of fees due under contracts with players, trainers, managers, and other stakeholders. Such cases are heard before the district or […]

Environmental law

Environmental law is becoming increasingly important for companies in Poland. Its significance is recognised in the Polish Constitution, which provides that one of the fundamental goals of the Republic of Poland is to assure protection of the environment through sustainable growth. Environmental law is interdisciplinary […]

Employment litigation

Labour courts resolve work-related disputes. These courts are separate divisions of the common courts. Labour courts deal with the following matters: Claims arising from or related to an employment relationship, including claims based on non-labour law relationships that are directly tied to the employment relationship […]


Restitution to former owners (or their legal successors) of property taken over by the state through nationalisation or expropriation, or the award of compensation for lost property, takes place through proceedings before administrative authorities, administrative courts and civil courts, and through settlements between the claimants […]