Civil & commercial proceedings

The court system in Poland

What are the characteristics of the court system in Poland? What kinds of cases are heard by common courts? What do specific courts deal with? What is a commercial case? What courts hear commercial cases?


What is the difference between an adwokat and a legal adviser? Who is a trainee? What principles guide setting legal fees? What is the scope of attorney-client privilege?

Pursuing claims

What sort of claims can be pursued before the courts? Are claims pursued before the courts limited in time? What actions interrupt the running of the limitation period? When can a court issue an order of payment?

Instituting proceedings

How long do proceedings last? When can a Polish court hear the case? Can the parties choose the law or court? Is filing a statement of claim the only way proceedings can be instituted? What is the proper court to hear a particular case?

Statement of claim

What requirements must a statement of claim meet? At what address does the court serve the statement of claim? What are the rules on service when a defendant has its registered office abroad? Does a defence have to be submitted? what impact on the conduct of proceedings do the parties have and what is the role of the court?


Does all the evidence have to be presented at once? What evidence can be used? Taking evidence for foreign proceedings