Ground rules

What are the main features of arbitration proceedings? Where to look for regulations on arbitration? What type of law is applied by an arbitral tribunal? What requirements should an arbitration clause satisfy? Which arbitral tribunal to choose?


Who can act as an arbitrator? Can the number of arbitrators be specified? What to do if the opponent refuses to appoint “its” arbitrator? Can an arbitrator be removed?

Proceedings before arbitration court

What happens when proceedings are initiated before a common court despite the existence of an arbitration clause? Can an arbitral tribunal assess the validity of an arbitration clause? What happens when part of the case does not fall within the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal? What type of evidence can be presented before an arbitral tribunal?

Arbitration awards and their enforcement

What can be done when an award is unclear or contains mistakes? What can be done when the arbitral tribunal has not made a decision on part of a claim? When is it possible to challenge an arbitration award? What are the rules for enforcement of domestic and foreign arbitration awards in Poland, and what are the costs involved?