Administrative proceedings

Administrative courts in Poland

The administrative court system in Poland is of two instances and comprises province administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court. Administrative courts exercise control over administrative activity including decisions and certain administrative provisions (e.g. administrative permits), local laws (e.g. decisions approving local zoning plans) and […]

What can be appealed to the administrative court?

Administrative courts in Poland oversee the activities of public authorities. The administrative court verifies a decision, order, or the like in terms of its legality—whether the decision of a public authority complies with generally applicable law. Administrative courts adjudicate complaints concerning: 1.  Administrative decisions (e.g. […]

Parties to proceedings before administrative court

The parties to proceedings before an administrative court are: The complainant, whose rights or obligations may have been breached by an unlawful act or omission of a public authority—a natural or legal person or unit without legal personality (cooperative, association, etc.) which has filed a […]

Can a complaint against a decision to the administrative court prevent execution?

An administrative decision which is no longer subject to a complaint or petition for re-examination of the case in the administrative course of the proceedings (i.e. by another public authority) is final, which means among other things that it becomes enforceable on the date of […]

Course of proceedings after complaint is filed

Complaints against decisions and rulings (and other administrative acts) or protracted proceedings are filed with the province administrative court within 30 days via the administrative authority which issued the decision or the ruling in the last instance. While filing a complaint does not stay enforcement […]

Hearing before administrative court

As a rule, administrative court hearings are public (as in the common courts) and the administrative court rules at a hearing (unless a specific regulation governing the case states otherwise). A case before the administrative court should be completed as soon as possible. Often the […]