The family company: Prospects for entrepreneurs

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, often family firms, are the driving force behind the Polish economy and the hallmark of Polish entrepreneurship. But Polish law is not ideally suited to the specific nature of family firms. Hence new legal solutions are being proposed that would help family firms pursue their business in Poland.

How to resign from the management board and be sure it’s effective?

Effective resignation by a member of the management board of a company is not an easy matter. The First President of the Supreme Court of Poland recently applied for a resolution on the matter by a seven-judge panel of the Supreme Court.

Shareholder loans under the amended Bankruptcy Law

Systemic amendments to Poland’s Bankruptcy & Recovery Law enter into force on 1 January 2016.

One resolution, many doubts

The Supreme Court has ruled that it is impermissible to issue a commercial proxy to one person allowing the proxy to act only jointly with a member of the management board. What does this ruling mean for companies that have already issued such proxies?

Internal investigations: An alternative for law enforcement authorities?

Internal investigations conducted by enterprises in-house when irregularities are suspected offer many advantages to businesses compared to initiatives undertaken by public law enforcement authorities.

When the management board does not function properly

The Commercial Companies Code provides an extensive set of rules governing internal controls in Polish companies, from the general rules for conducting and controlling the company’s affairs by the management board to oversight of the management board’s actions.