What does a shareholder have the right to know about a public company?

At a general meeting of a listed company, shareholders have a right to ask questions about the company’s affairs, but management is not required—or even allowed—to answer some of them.

Sale of an enterprise with assignment of rights under commercial agreements

Does the acquirer of an enterprise become a party to commercial agreements related to the enterprise under the same terms as the seller?

When may one shareholder be held liable for the obligation of another?

When acquiring shares in a Polish limited-liability company, the buyer should check the legal basis for any recent payments made to shareholders.

New rules for criminal liability for corporate injury

An act amending the Penal Code and the Commercial Companies Code went into effect on 13 July 2011, modifying the rules for criminal liability of persons serving on the management boards of Polish companies.

Krzysztof Libiszewski: When there is a dispute between shareholders, the company always suffers

Litigation Portal: You co-head the Corporate Law practice at Wardyński & Partners. The team mainly handles transactions in which the parties have a common economic goal they seek to achieve. But sometimes disputes may arise?

New rules for liability for injury to a company

Regulations liberalising the rules for criminal liability of management board members of capital companies go into effect on 1 July 2011.