Changes in employment law in 2013

The most important changes this year are an increase in the minimum wage and elimination of certain notifications to the National Labour Inspectorate and the National Sanitary Inspectorate.

What is the involvement of employees in cross-border mergers?

In a cross-border merger, the employees must have an opportunity to participate in the merger procedure and in the governance of the new company—typically by having an influence on the composition of the supervisory board.

Agnieszka Lisiecka: Employees should be more aware of work safety

An interview with Agnieszka Lisiecka, a partner at Wardyński & Partners and head of the Employment Law Practice, about the potential consequences of a work-related accident for the employer

Pre-employment screening – what an employer can do and must not do?

There are legal restrictions on obtaining information from job candidates.

Illegally hired foreigner does not have to be deported

The province governor cannot issue a decision to deport a foreigner who was illegally hired if the hiring is legalised during the course of the deportation proceeding by obtaining the required permits and complying with the applicable procedures.

Personnel files: in Polish, in writing, and for 50 years

The Labour Code and other regulations require employers to maintain personnel files and other employment documentation, governing such specific issues as the language and longevity of the documentation.