Pre-employment screening – what an employer can do and must not do?

There are legal restrictions on obtaining information from job candidates.

Illegally hired foreigner does not have to be deported

The province governor cannot issue a decision to deport a foreigner who was illegally hired if the hiring is legalised during the course of the deportation proceeding by obtaining the required permits and complying with the applicable procedures.

Personnel files: in Polish, in writing, and for 50 years

The Labour Code and other regulations require employers to maintain personnel files and other employment documentation, governing such specific issues as the language and longevity of the documentation.

Salary cut for protected employees

An employer may reduce the salary of an employee who works reduced hours instead of taking childrearing leave, the Polish Supreme Court ruled in the judgment dated 12 May 2011 (Case No. II PK 6/11).

Long-term employment of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian citizens in Poland

Solutions gradually being introduced to enable hiring in Poland of citizens of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus, as well as Georgia and Moldova, are helpful mainly for short-term employment.

Ombudsman comes to the defence of freelancers

In execution proceedings, debtors who receive pay for their work on the basis of a contract to perform a specific assignment or create a specific work are treated worse than debtors who are paid a salary on the basis of an employment contract.