Changes to regulations concerning parenthood leave

Parental leave and swift entry into force of increased additional maternity leave – main amendments

Assigning different work to an employee without issuing an amending termination notice

The Labour Code enables an employer to assign work to an employee differing from the work described in the employment contract without formally amending the contract, but this does not mean boundless discretion to change the employee’s working conditions.

How far does a trade union’s right to information extend?

An employer has a duty to share with a trade union only information that is necessary to conduct union activity. But this covers a wide range of information about the employer’s situation.

Job guarantees scrutinised by the Supreme Court of Poland

Guarantees of future employment, eagerly sought by Polish trade unions, are detrimental to the employer but also costly to consumers and the State Treasury.

How the size of a workplace union affects its entitlements

It is not enough for a union to have the required number of members at a workplace. It must also notify the employer of the number of members within a period provided by law. What if it fails to do so?

Consultation concerning intended redundancies and personal date protection

When an employer consults with a trade union concerning the intention to lay off workers, it is easy to run afoul of data protection regulations.