Work schedules: A new obligation of employers

The recent amendment of the Polish Labour Code introduced a requirement for employers to prepare work schedules for all employees. The new rules raise new doubts surrounding organisation of working time without eliminating the existing doubts.

Settlement of overtime pay may take up to a year

Under the amended provisions of the Polish Labour Code, in effect since 23 August 2013, employers are now permitted to apply approaches to determining employees’ working time that are more flexible than under the previous law.

Changes in working time regulations: Flexible but problematic

An amendment to the Polish Labour Code effective 23 August 2013 changed the regulations concerning working time. The new rules, allowing highly flexible working arrangements, carry over solutions previously in effect under the Anti-Crisis Act.

Delegation of employees to work abroad

Current law does not provide any special regulations for an employer in Poland delegating an employee to perform work abroad, but delegation abroad may be carried out on the basis of the general regulations of employment law.

Changes to regulations concerning parenthood leave

Parental leave and swift entry into force of increased additional maternity leave – main amendments

Assigning different work to an employee without issuing an amending termination notice

The Labour Code enables an employer to assign work to an employee differing from the work described in the employment contract without formally amending the contract, but this does not mean boundless discretion to change the employee’s working conditions.