Appointment of a convicted criminal to a corporate board

Not everyone is qualified to serve on a corporate board. But what happens if a board member is appointed who is not qualified to serve?

Company not criminally liable for an offence by the management board

A collective entity may not be held responsible for a crime committed by the members of its managerial authorities.

Direct payments to farmers are not “grants” but attempting to obtain them improperly may be punishable as fraud

The Polish Supreme Court has held that payments under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy are a form of financial support, and an attempt to obtain the payments under false pretences is a form of “capital fraud” under the Polish Penal Code.

New law on environmental crimes in force since 10 June 2011

There are now more acts against the environment punishable as crimes. In some cases members of the management board of a company may be held responsible.

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Too-short deadline for appealing against justification issued at a hearing?

The current regulations practically prevent filing an interlocutory appeal against the justification for an order issued by a Polish court during a criminal trial. The Ombudsman has requested the Minister of Justice to look into this issue.