Elimination of income tax exemption for closed-end investment funds

On the last day of October a notice was published on the Sejm website on filing of a parliamentarian’s bill to amend the Personal Income Tax Act and the Corporate Income Tax Act. The changes to the CIT Act, to enter into force on 1 January 2017, would eliminate the exemption from corporate income tax for closed-end investment funds (FIZ). This exemption has been used as a major instrument for tax optimisation, for example for entities involved in trading of debt and real property, and for taxpayers seeking protection against rules governing controlled foreign corporations (CFC).

New, lower corporate income tax—but not for everyone

A new tax rate for income of legal persons will enter into force on 1 January 2017. It will not apply to all taxpayers, however, but will depend on the amount of income. The same amending act introduces several other significant changes, particularly affecting the practice of corporate reorganisations (e.g. exchange of shares or in-kind contributions).

Tax law and state aid

The basic tool for determining whether there is a grant of state aid is Art. 107 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. One of the ways a member state may be found to violate state aid rules is through its tax laws.

A new army in the battle against VAT fraud

Tightening up the tax system is one of the priorities of the current Polish government. Inter-ministerial consultations are now underway concerning a draft amendment that would expand the catalogue of offences in the Criminal Code and vest the public authorities, including the newly created National Treasury Administration, with broad enforcement powers. All of this is designed to combat VAT fraud.

Retail sales tax

The proposed Retail Sales Tax Act was announced in January and was the subject of much debate and many revisions. Finally the President of Poland signed the act into law on 30 July 2016, introducing an entirely new type of tax into the Polish fiscal system. It will enter into force on 1 September 2016. Who will be subject to the retail sales tax, what will be the amount of the tax, and how will it be paid?

GAAR and tax treaties

Regulations reintroducing a general anti-abuse rule into the Polish tax system—after an absence of over a decade—enter into force on 15 July 2016. The impact will be felt not only by Polish residents, but also by foreign entities planning to do business in Poland.