Outsourcing bookkeeping services

What are the obligations, barriers and costs that an existing company must deal with before beginning to provide accounting services as an additional business for outside entities?

Take a break from business

If business operations are not generating the expected profits, instead of closing down the business it is possible to suspend operations for a certain period. How should one go about this in a legal and effective manner?

How long will it be necessary to store tax records?

If a taxpayer has generated a loss and plans to carry it forward to apply against income earned in subsequent tax years, the taxpayer may have to retain its tax records and related documents for up to 11 years.

New treatment of share redemption income

Amendments to the Corporate Income Tax Act and the Personal Income Act in Poland went into force on 1 January 2011, including changes in the tax treatment of share redemption transactions.

Is it worthwhile raising expired tax obligations in a proceeding involving unreported income?

So far it has not afforded any protection to taxpayers facing an assessment for unreported income to assert income on which tax is no longer due because it is barred by the statute of limitations.

Changes in VAT treatment of healthcare services from 1 January 2011

Under amended regulations, starting 1 January 2011 the VAT exemption for healthcare services would be limited to services that meet a new statutory definition of “medical services.”