Tax strategy: A step toward transparency or just more red tape?

Tax strategy: A step toward transparency or just more red tape?
Despite the difficulties this year, Polish lawmakers did not forget about their annual update of tax laws. Under the recently adopted regulations, the Treasury will seek to learn more about taxpayers by requiring them to draft, file and even publish a tax strategy. Is this a move toward transparency for the country’s largest companies, or another unnecessary formality?

Selected rules for imposing personal income tax on e-sport

E-sport is gaining in popularity, resulting in an increase in the number of players, games and spectators, as well as an increase in revenue from e-sport. Such revenue is taxable, but it is not always clear under which rules.

Transfer pricing documentation is not usually required for domestic transactions—but sometimes it is

Transactions between related parties at a value above statutory thresholds must be identified in local transfer pricing documentation, but the regulations provide for a number of exceptions.

Starting business activity in Poland as a sole proprietorship: Pros and cons of various taxation forms

Compared to other forms of professional activity of an individual (for example working under an employment contract or contract of mandate), individual business activity allows the individual to benefit from a range of forms of income taxation. Thus, before generating their first business revenue in Poland, individuals they should examine their activity to find the most appropriate form of taxation. Below we present the available forms of taxation for business income, with their main advantages and disadvantages.

Starting professional activity in Poland—what about taxes and social insurance?

Employment contract, contract of mandate, or sole proprietorship (individual business activity): these are the most common forms of cooperation with individuals in Poland. In this article, we explain the tax and social insurance burdens for individuals working under an employment contract and contract of mandate. In the next article, we will discuss different forms of business income taxation.

Amendments to the Inheritance and Gift Tax Act

The set of parties who can benefit from inheritance and gift tax exemptions will expand. The exemption will now apply to persons who are or have been in a foster family, a family-style children’s home, a care and educational institution, or a regional care and therapeutic institution, as well as persons forming a foster family, running a family-style children’s home, or working with children in a care and educational institution or a regional care and therapeutic institution.