Limited partnerships and some registered partnerships to be subject to corporate income tax

The Ministry of Finance intends to impose corporate income tax on limited partnerships, and on registered partnerships whose shareholders (taxpayers participating in their profits) are not disclosed. These types of partnerships will probably become CIT payers starting from 2021.

Transfer prices: You can never be too sure when making an adjustment

Adjustments of transfer prices have generated a lot of uncertainty among taxpayers for a long time, as evidenced by the large number of individual tax interpretations issued in this area. Due to the change in regulations, and because the right to make an adjustment is affected by numerous factors, taxpayers seek interpretations from the revenue administration even when the facts are not very complicated.

Claiming the IP Box in the video game industry

The instrument popularly known as the “IP Box,” introduced on 1 January 2019, allows taxpayers to claim a lower, 5% rate of corporate income tax or personal income tax in their annual tax settlements for income generated from commercialisation of qualified intellectual property rights they have created or developed through R&D activity. In this article we discuss how to benefit from the IP Box in the game development industry, who is eligible for the IP Box, and the conditions that must be met.

Extension of deadlines to perform transfer pricing obligations

“Shield 4.0” extends the deadlines for all obligated entities to file transfer pricing information (TPR), declarations on preparation of local transfer pricing documentation, and enclosures of group transfer pricing documentation. The earlier regulations extended the deadlines only for selected taxpayers.

Not quite Estonian corporate tax

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has announced plans to introduce so-called “Estonian corporate income tax” in Poland and presented the key assumptions of the scheme. If adopted, the reform would come into force from the new year. What are the benefits for taxpayers from this change? Is the Estonian CIT to be introduced into the Polish tax regulations really similar to the original scheme used in Estonia?

Changes in taxpayers’ dealings with the tax authorities and administrative courts: Shield 3.0

Many changes affecting taxpayers’ relations with tax authorities and the administrative courts have been introduced as part of the rollout of successive versions of the Anti-Crisis Shield. Under Shield 3.0, which entered into force on 16 May 2020, taxpayers, tax authorities and the administrative courts are emerging from hibernation.