data protection

End of the Safe Harbour programme: What next?

The Court of Justice has issued a judgment invalidating the European Commission’s Safe Harbour decision. This means that participation in the Safe Harbour programme by US entities is no longer grounds for European companies to transfer personal data of EEA citizens to the United States.

Drones and data protection

The increasing commercial use of drones raises legal aspects of the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. In this article we focus on one of the most hotly debated legal issues related to drones: the use of drones in light of regulations on protection of personal data.

New Council of Europe recommendation on processing of employee’s personal data in light of new technologies

The new recommendation on processing of data for purposes of employment is designed to meet challenges posed by greater digitisation.

Protection of personal data in internal investigations

Poland’s data protection regulations do not directly address internal investigations, but that does not mean they do not apply. In fact they can play a major role in drawing the line between lawful and unlawful investigative measures.

The new EU data protection framework and medical research

The EU’s proposed General Data Protection Regulation has raised issues about the impact that new privacy protections may have on how clinical trials are conducted and information about patients is used for research purposes. Sylwia Paszek of Wardyński & Partners discussed concerns about the draft regulation in an interview by Simon Fuller.

Consultation concerning intended redundancies and personal date protection

When an employer consults with a trade union concerning the intention to lay off workers, it is easy to run afoul of data protection regulations.