Limited partnerships and some registered partnerships to be subject to corporate income tax

The Ministry of Finance intends to impose corporate income tax on limited partnerships, and on registered partnerships whose shareholders (taxpayers participating in their profits) are not disclosed. These types of partnerships will probably become CIT payers starting from 2021.

Anti-crisis shield

The main points of the “Economic and social anti-crisis shield to protect businesses and employees in connection with the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic” was presented by the President, the Prime Minister, a group of other ministers, and the president of the National Bank of Poland at a press conference on 18 March 2020.

Showdown in the penalty area: An opportunity for change in sport?

Will the need to seek state aid due to the COVID-19 pandemic encourage sports unions to implement good governance principles?

Coronavirus: Shielding package for business

Ministerstwo Rozwoju zapowiedziało, że opracuje projekt specustawy wprowadzającej kompleksowe wsparcie dla przedsiębiorców, których działalność zostanie dotknięta w związku z rozprzestrzenianiem się Covid-19. Nie jest jeszcze znany konkretny kształt tych regulacji, ale zgodnie z zapowiedziami projekt ma trafić na posiedzenie sejmu w dniu 25 marca i zostać wprowadzony z dniem 1 kwietnia.

Special Offshore Bill

The long-awaited bill on offshore wind farms was published on 15 January 2020. The bill is to establish mechanisms and instruments for supporting the generation of electricity by offshore wind farms, and, to a certain extent, conditions for the preparation and construction of such projects.

(R)evolution in dealings between taxpayers and tax authorities

The draft Act on Resolution of Double Taxation Disputes and Conclusion of Advance Pricing Agreements would introduce a new tax institution, the Cooperation Programme, as part of its implementation of the conception of horizontal monitoring. The Cooperation Programme is intended to enter into force on 1 July 2020.