new provisions

Reclassification of natural gas transmission lines

Thanks to a new EU definition of “transmission,” some high-pressure gas pipelines will be treated as distribution pipelines exempt from restrictive regulations.

Tough new regulations on industrial emissions

On 8 November 2010 the Council of the European Union approved the Industrial Emissions Directive which was passed in July by the European Parliament. The directive replaces seven different EU legal acts now in force.

Changes in VAT treatment of healthcare services from 1 January 2011

Under amended regulations, starting 1 January 2011 the VAT exemption for healthcare services would be limited to services that meet a new statutory definition of “medical services.”

New rules for sale of electricity

The requirement to sell electricity on the commodities exchange, on an online trading platform and in the form of an open tender is about to go into effect.

New tool to fight digital exclusion

The Act on Support for Development of Telecommunications Services and Networks should help bring low-cost, high-speed Internet to rural areas of eastern Poland.

Easier to legalise unlawful construction

In places where there is no local zoning plan in force, planning permission is sufficient to legalise a structure built without a permit—regardless of when the planning permission becomes legally final.