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Should the registration documentation for medicines be public?

A dispute over the documentation to the medicine Esbriet shows how much controversy is stirred up by the disclosure of registration documents for medicines to third parties. How to balance the interests of innovative pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of cheaper generics, and doctors who seek full knowledge of the safety and efficacy of the drugs they prescribe?

Tax support for innovation

In addition to direct public funding for innovative activity, e.g. grants and subsidised loans, tax instruments are also a major element of support for innovation.

Myths and facts about innovations in the foods sector

The dynamic growth in market share of functional foods calls for a critical review of myths that have arisen around R&D projects in the food sector.

Prof. Jan Lubiński: We won’t go far without innovation

An interview with Prof. Jan Lubiński, geneticist and researcher into the role of microelements in prevention of cancer, founder and CEO of Read-Gene SA, and member of the Council of the National Centre for Research and Development.

More money on the way for innovation

In the innovativeness of its economy, Poland ranks 4th from last in the European Union, but greater support is planned for highly innovative projects that show promise for implementation and commercialisation in Poland.

Sugar-free? Not so simple

The practice of food labelling inspectors prevents consumers from making informed choices—effectively working against the policy of promoting healthy eating.