new technologies

What kind of services does Uber really perform?

Uber has been serving Warsaw since August 2014. With its smartphone app, users can call a car, set the fee in advance, and pay by credit card. Can this be defined as a transport service?

Pentesting of software and intellectual property

Can a controlled attack on a computer system to identify its security weaknesses violate copyright or trade secrets?

Will drones replace Rudolph?

With the implementation of new technologies at Claus Enterprises, Santa is seriously considering replacing his team of reindeer and using drones to deliver presents. Rudolph is already looking for another job.

Freedom of panorama

In computer games and apps, the use of images of nature, like mountain streams, does not raise doubts in terms of copyright. But the use of architectural structures, such as bridges, monuments or buildings, can be problematic, because they are generally regarded as “works” for copyright purposes.

Is it OK to shoot down a drone?

Protection of possession of real estate against drones as a form of necessary defence is permissible only under exceptional circum­stances.

Bitcoin and money-laundering regulations

Controversies surrounding application of money-laundering regulations generate legal uncertainty for businesses operating in the field of digital currencies.