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Information about reprivatisation claims: Essential or optional?

Acquirers of real estate often apply to the administrative authorities for a certificate on assertion of reprivatisation claims. Does this practice serve any purpose?

Liability of public authorities in the real estate development process

The real estate development business relies on decisions issued by administrative authorities for architectural and construction matters. The development process follows a number of successive phases, and only after positive completion of one phase can the process move on to the next phase.

A broken promise

Tenants who trusted lawmakers and the Agricultural Property Agency (ANR) and removed 30% of the farmland from their tenanted property in exchange for the right to acquire the remaining 70% of the farmland may find they are out of luck.

Proposed new restrictions on trading in agricultural property

New regulations governing trading in agricultural real estate proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development may have a huge impact not only on the possibility of selling property, but also on share transactions.

Could Santa Claus buy real estate in Poland?

As everyone knows, Santa lives in Lapland. But what with the wave of inward investment in Poland, what if he decided to pull up stakes and move his establishment to property acquired here?

Control of trading in agricultural real estate

The new Agricultural System Act of 5 August 2015 enters into force on 1 January 2016, superseding the act of 11 April 2003. Barring further amendments, from the New Year the Agricultural Property Agency will be vested with expanded pre-emptive rights and new rights to decide on whether agricultural establishments can be partitioned.