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Łukasz Dąbrowski: Consider a chimney easement for Christmas Eve

Litigation Portal: Everyone looks forward to a visit from Santa Claus, but no one seems to bother signing a proper agreement with him. Is Kris Kringle entitled to trespass on other people’s property without any contractual consent?

Building permit may be issued even after construction is completed

In specific instances, a decision granting a building permit may be issued even after construction has been completed and the building has already been delivered for occupancy.

Preparation and use of adaptations of a construction design – basic issues

Lawyers from the Infrastructure, Transport and Public Procurement practice group at Wardyński & Partners explain how to lawfully make revisions to a construction design.

Restriction on pre-emption rights of the Agricultural Property Agency

An amendment to the Agricultural System Act of 11 April 2003 went into effect on 8 July 2010.

Methods of landmark protection expanded

The Act dated 18 March 2010 Amending the Landmarks Care and Protection Act and Certain Other Acts has expanded the catalogue of forms of protection for landmarks in Poland.

Land and mortgage registers available online

From 16 June 2010 it is no longer necessary to stand in line at the land and mortgage register court. The Polish Ministry of Justice has created free, universal access to allow the public to review land and mortgage registers in electronic form.