Supreme Court

FIDIC: Is the contract engineer an agent for the investor?

The engineer’s task is to take necessary measures to ensure that the contract is performed correctly and on time. But not all actions by the engineer will directly affect the investor’s own rights and obligations.

One resolution, many doubts

The Supreme Court has ruled that it is impermissible to issue a commercial proxy to one person allowing the proxy to act only jointly with a member of the management board. What does this ruling mean for companies that have already issued such proxies?

How precisely should a licence for use of an industrial design be worded?

Contracts are signed expecting the worst. The provisions should be precisely formulated, particularly when a failure to be explicit can lead to application of rigid statutory provisions instead. When a dispute arises, the court’s interpretation of the parties’ intent may differ from the literal wording of the contract.

After a judgment is set aside on interlocutory appeal to the Supreme Court, the case can be reconsidered by the very same judges

The panel of judges must be changed after a ruling is overturned and remanded for reconsideration only in the case of a ruling on the merits of the specific dispute. This is not the case for proceedings commenced by an interlocutory appeal to the Supreme Court on procedural issues.

If contractors aren’t sure, are they required to speak up?

Under some circumstances, questioning the terms of reference in a tender may be treated not only as a right but as an obligation of a professional contractor.

Can a foreign company be summoned to attempt settlement negotiations in Poland?

Sometimes when the same case is presented to different courts, the courts take mutually exclusive positions. This was what happened in the case of an Italian company summoned to attempt settlement negotiations in Poland.