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Multinational companies can be liable for environmental harm caused by their subsidiaries

On 18 December 2015 the Dutch Court of Appeal at The Hague issued an interim judgment in a closely watched case concerning liability for environmental injury caused by an oil spill from Shell’s pipelines in Nigeria.

What does the Arctic Sunrise award mean for the environment?

In August an arbitration award was issued in the case of the ship Arctic Sunrise, involving protests by ecologists on the Pechora Sea defending the Arctic environment. The ship was seized and 30 protesters were arrested by Russian authorities.

A defective bank guarantee does not constitute a bid bond

The failure to identify the guarantor in the wording of the bank guarantee prevents the contracting entity from recognising the bid bond as properly paid. An error of this type cannot be cured by way of interpretation.

When is offering a litre of juice an unfair market practice?

On 11 February 2014 the Warsaw Regional Court issued a long-awaited ruling demonstrating the current approach of the Polish courts to the sensitive issue of how to designate promotional prices for goods.

Air carriers’ liability for flight delays under the latest rulings from the ECJ and US courts

A right to compensation may be deduced from Regulation 261/2004 not only for cancellation of a flight, but also for a delay of 3 hours or more. Passengers eagerly exploit this right, but the court decisions continue to raise new controversies.

Investors may review expert reports on the effect of electrical connections

The Court of Competition and Consumer Protection has broken the power companies’ monopoly on information about the condition of the power grid in proceedings seeking a connection to the grid.