New emission standards

The new emission standard Euro 6D ISC-FCM has been applicable in the European Union since 1 January 2021. It is not only limited to the issue of cleanliness, but also includes an obligation to monitor combustion levels. Gradual reduction of emission limits is included in the consistently implemented EU policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What does your car know about you?

In recent days, it was widely reported in the media that a well-known manufacturer began testing a system allowing for display of personalised ads in cars. But attentive drivers are not surprised. It is no secret that a modern car is a computer on four wheels, as it processes large amounts of data to ensure safety, transport efficiency, and access to navigation and infotainment services.

Export control of automated and autonomous vehicle technologies

Autonomous vehicles will be an essential part of the mobility of the future. Cars can already relieve the driver in many situations, and the R&D sector for autonomous vehicles is booming. Companies are investing in sensor and machine-learning technology, creating pilot programmes to test self-driving vehicles at levels 4 and 5 of automation. But the export of some of these technologies may be restricted due to potential military applications.

Third-party liability insurance for owners of autonomous vehicles

Autonomous cars are slowly becoming a reality, accompanied by logistical, technological and legal barriers. The Polish parliament has already made some initial legislative steps by introducing, for example, a definition of an autonomous motor vehicle and a procedure for testing such vehicles on public roads. However, there is a need for further statutory regulation of insurance products and insurance companies tasked with providing compulsory third-party liability protection in a situation of great uncertainty and legal gaps.

When is a car “waste”?

The classification of damaged and post-accident vehicles imported to Poland as waste still raises many doubts. Recent judgments of administrative courts confirm a strict approach to this issue in judicial practice, posing significant risk for importers of such cars.

EU funds in the 2021–2027 financial perspective and the automotive sector

Poland will be the biggest beneficiary of the upcoming European Union financial perspective for 2021–2027. The two main objectives for funding in the new financial perspective, i.e. Smart Europe and Green Europe, are in line with the objectives of the modern automotive sector. Therefore, its players can count on solid support.