Optimal transaction structure and environmental risk

Selection of the structure for transactions typically depends on business conditions and tax considerations, but findings made in environmental due diligence are also beginning to play a greater role.

Who needs paper?

When conducting transactions involving shares in a Polish joint-stock company, it is essential to formulate the share sale agreement properly and carry out the measures required for effective transfer of the share rights to the buyer.

End of the procedure for transferring rights and obligations under emissions permits?

The Sejm has passed an amendment eliminating the administrative procedure for transferring permits. When it comes into force, the acquirer of an installation will automatically assume the rights and obligations under the permits for the installation.

Share transactions and the right to vote the shares of a public company

It may happen that a shareholder of a public company is not entitled to vote its shares at the company’s general meeting.

Between legal and environmental due diligence

Before a transaction, an investor will often hire consultants to conduct environmental due diligence. The environmental impact of business operations are also an element of legal due diligence. How are these two types of due diligence interrelated?

Contractual clauses concerning environmental aspects of M&A transactions

Properly constructed contractual provisions should adequately secure the interests of the parties in the event of environmental violations. They are relevant to nearly every deal.