Can a company defend against a hostile takeover?

When reports become public of plans for a hostile takeover of an exchange-listed company, the question arises whether the company may take any measures to oppose the takeover.

Online registration of a limited-liability company: selected aspects

An amendment to Poland’s Commercial Companies Code that went into effect on 1 January 2012 enables quick registration of a limited-liability company via internet. The “S24” procedure, as it is known, allows a company to be registered within 24 hours.

Reduced costs for company registrations

There has been a noticeable trend recently toward lowering various administrative burdens on businesses in Poland—as witnessed, for example, by the recent changes in the costs of company registrations.

Appointment of a convicted criminal to a corporate board

Not everyone is qualified to serve on a corporate board. But what happens if a board member is appointed who is not qualified to serve?

Does automatic transfer of emissions permits to the acquirer of a plant make sense?

A proposal to amend Poland’s Environmental Protection Law would eliminate the need to transfer permits by providing for automatic passage of rights and obligations under environmental permits to the acquirer of an installation.

Practical consequences of the choice of language in a contract

Wybór języka, w którym sporządzana jest umowa między podmiotami posługującymi się różnymi językami, ma niezwykle istotne znaczenie. Determinuje on bowiem wykładnię zawartych w umowie oświadczeń woli stron.