When an airline is short of money: Public aid for air carriers

LOT Polish Airlines is not the only carrier seeking public aid. Airlines in other countries have also been forced to seek state support. Whether the effort succeeds depends primarily on how the aid is assessed by the European Commission.

Airport ground services: A new approach

In the area of ground services, there is a battle between the interests of airports, groundhandling agents, staff and consumers. Any legal changes in this field typically represent a compromise between the interests of numerous stakeholders.

An aircraft as the subject of a registered pledge

Transactions involving aircraft typically require that security be established in favour of the financing parties. Due to the small number of such transactions, this issue is still not well-known in Poland.

Aviation Law-what’s on the horizon in 2013?

At least one set of amendments to Poland’s Aviation Law will take off in 2013. It is closely tied to implementation of the Airport Charges Directive (2009/12/EC).

Flag an air cab?

What are the rights of passengers using air taxis, and what duties do carriers have when providing this service? These issues are explored by Paweł Mazur, an adwokat who is of counsel to Wardyński & Partners.