Cancellation due to pandemic: Are passengers entitled to compensation?

Since 15 March 2020, Poland has had a ban on civil aircraft landing on international passenger flights. Since 16 March, domestic passenger flights have also been banned, except for flights in the public or state interest. Do passengers whose flights have been cancelled as a result of this ban have the right to compensation from the air carriers that were to operate those flights?

Can airlines cancel a return ticket because the passenger missed the outbound flight?

Linie lotnicze często anulują bilet, jeśli podróżny nie stawił się na lot w pierwszą stronę lub na lot na pierwszym odcinku podróży. Czy taka praktyka jest zgodna z prawem?

Should Poland ratify the Cape Town Convention?

The Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment offers strong protection to sellers, lessors and financers of aircraft. More and more European countries are considering ratification of the convention. Should Poland be one of them?

What a difference a minute makes: To receive or not receive compensation for a flight delay

In strictly defined instances a passenger has the right to compensation for a flight delay, but the law does not say exactly how the period of the delay should be calculated. The European Court of Justice recently answered this question.

Polish, English, or maybe French? What language should aviation contracts be drafted in?

Polish law provides great discretion in choosing the language for contracts. But in regulated industries, such as aviation, this rule may be modified.

Seizure of an aircraft: The perfect method to secure claims?

Suppliers to troubled airlines increasingly seek security for their claims. Is temporary seizure of an aircraft an effective instrument?