life science

Confusion in personal data protection obligations in clinical trials

Even though a specific code of conduct and a structured process apply to clinical trials, there are lacking dedicated, specific regulations on protecting the personal data obtained in such trials.

When trade inspectors may seize goods

Are trade inspectors entitled to seize a batch of products during an inspection, for as long as it takes to determine whether the products meet applicable quality standards?

When retailers bear the cost of lab testing of products

A seller may be required to cover the cost of laboratory tests ordered by a trade inspector during the inspection of a business if the tests show that the product does not meet quality or safety standards.

Comparative study of food supplement regulations

The Life Sciences Practice Group of the Lex Mundi network, led by Dr Ewa Butkiewicz, a partner at Wardyński & Partners, has published a survey of legal regulations concerning food supplements.

Special foods covered by national health service: an opportunity for the foods industry?

A proposed new Act on Reimbursement for Medicinal Products, Foods and Medical Products calls for the Polish national health service to reimburse the costs of “special-purpose foods” when they offer documented health benefits.

Konrad Drozdowski: We strive to raise advertising standards in Poland

Interview with Konrad Drozdowski, executive director of the Polish Advertising Council