life science

Market leader: can there be more than one?

In times of fierce market competition, it is becoming increasingly attractive to construct advertising campaigns that contain superlatives, in particular regarding market leadership.

Prof. Jan Lubiński: We won’t go far without innovation

An interview with Prof. Jan Lubiński, geneticist and researcher into the role of microelements in prevention of cancer, founder and CEO of Read-Gene SA, and member of the Council of the National Centre for Research and Development.

When is offering a litre of juice an unfair market practice?

On 11 February 2014 the Warsaw Regional Court issued a long-awaited ruling demonstrating the current approach of the Polish courts to the sensitive issue of how to designate promotional prices for goods.

Sugar-free? Not so simple

The practice of food labelling inspectors prevents consumers from making informed choices—effectively working against the policy of promoting healthy eating.

Another attempt to tighten the food inspection system

Every now and then a scandal breaks out involving Polish food products—most recently the use of industrial salts, as well as horsemeat in beef. In such cases, the authorities announce that they will take stern action.

New toy safety rules are not child’s play

Toy companies must now control product quality, register suppliers and purchasers of certain products, and warn consumers against improper use of products.