life science

Contact lenses are not cosmetics

The varying definitions of life science products and applicable provisions of EU directives and regulations can confuse even the most experienced judges, as in the case of a recent preliminary ruling by the Court of Justice sought by the regional court in the German city of Krefeld.

Additional information about foods: A benefit for the consumer or a threat to competitors?

Apart from information about food products required by law, food producers may include optional information on labels concerning the characteristics of the product. Typically not much additional information is provided, because after inclusion of the mandatory data there’s not much room left on the label. This makes selection and verification of this additional information particularly important. Well-chosen additional information can help sell the product, but poorly chosen information can generate serious legal problems.

New criterion for evaluating product safety

The Court of Justice of the European Union has held that the probability of a defect can make a product defective.

Upcoming (r)evolution in school shops – what can food producers offer children in Polish schools?

After more than two years of discussions, the Food Safety and Nutrition Amendment Act concerning children’s nutrition at schools was enacted on 28 November 2014. The new law, which comes into force on 1 September 2015, aims to eliminate unhealthy food from school shops and prohibit the promotion of unhealthy foods within educational institutions.

New rules for access to clinical reports

The European Medicines Agency has adopted a policy of proactive publication of reports from clinical trials. The rule of transparency of clinical results is to be implemented starting 1 January 2015, and the first publications should coincide with entry into force of the EU’s new Clinical Trials Regulation, scheduled for 28 May 2016. What will the new rules mean in practice?

The new EU data protection framework and medical research

The EU’s proposed General Data Protection Regulation has raised issues about the impact that new privacy protections may have on how clinical trials are conducted and information about patients is used for research purposes. Sylwia Paszek of Wardyński & Partners discussed concerns about the draft regulation in an interview by Simon Fuller.