Ban on use of “Big Four-only” clauses

With planned changes to EU regulations governing the audit market, contractual clauses limiting the selection of audit firms will have to be removed from credit agreements.

Proposed changes in merger control regulations

On 15 May 2012, the Polish competition authority published a white paper proposing amendments to the Act on Competition and Consumer Protection of 16 February 2007.

Sugar-free? Not so simple

The practice of food labelling inspectors prevents consumers from making informed choices—effectively working against the policy of promoting healthy eating.

Restrictions on online sales in distribution agreements

Manufacturers like to exert an influence over the manner in which their products are sold by distributors. But excessive interference in online sales by a distributor may be found to be an illegal anti-competitive arrangement.

Status of bill to amend the Act on Competition and Consumer Protection

Comment and consultation on the proposal are drawing to a close.

Dawn raid by the competition authority

Sometimes, out of a misplaced sense of loyalty or fear of the consequences, staff members refuse to allow competition inspectors to enter company premises, or refuse access to requested documents and data. But this can lead to even greater problems.