Leniency regime in Poland

Lawyers from Wardyński & Partners co-authored the “Poland Chapter” on Leniency Regimes – jurisdictional comparisons published by Thomson Reuters. Below we publish an excerpt from the publication.

Competition aspects of access to confidential information in M&A transactions

Anytime competitors share confidential information it may attract the attention of competition authorities. This holds true when information is exchanged in connection with M&A activity.

Abusive clauses in the life cycle of a consumer contract

In contracts with consumers, intentional or unintentional use of terms that have been held (or could be held) to be abusive may cause major problems for businesses, including financial consequences.

E-commerce: Terms and conditions for online shops

Can the most popular prohibited clauses be permitted if they are worded differently?

A business can win customers by committing to alternative or online dispute resolution

Soon consumers in the European Union may obtain new options for pursuing claims, under the proposed Consumer ADR Directive and the proposed Consumer ODR Regulation. The proposals could also generate benefits for businesses.

German court could decide on access to antitrust leniency files by injured party

The European Court of Justice has held that it is up to the national courts to determine whether and how to provide access to files generated under leniency programmes by injured parties seeking damages for violation of competition law.