intellectual property

IP courts: Changes in proceedings for protection of intellectual property

The latest amendment to the Civil Procedure Code enters into force on 1 July 2020, aimed at creating specialised courts handling intellectual property matters.

Must car-rental companies pay royalties to collective management organisations?

If a rental car is equipped with a radio, should the rental company pay royalties to a collective rights management organisation? The Court of Justice recently addressed this issue.

Video-sharing platform services: What will change with implementation of the amended Audiovisual Media Services Directive?

14 listopada 2018 r. Parlament Europejski przyjął nowelizację dyrektywy o audiowizualnych usługach medialnych („dyrektywa AUM”). Jedną z głównych zmian jest wprowadzenie definicji usługi platformy udostępniania wideo. Kto może zostać uznany za dostawcę takiej platformy i z czym się to wiąże?

Is a warehouse operator responsible for storing counterfeits?

The CJEU held that a company that only stores goods without knowing they are counterfeits does not infringe trademarks. So can logistics operators sleep easy? Not really.

Soap commercials: Intellectual property disputes during the COVID-19 pandemic

The rapid boom in cleaning products suggested that this could be a sector where the first coronavirus-related IP disputes might arise. And so it has proved.

If you use a trademark in Spain, you are also using it in the European Union

Genuine use of a trademark in the EU as a whole may be proved in certain circumstances by showing use of the mark in a single member state.