intellectual property

Magnesium and vitamin B6 may be good for stress, but not for everyone

Common and generic names of an informational nature may become distinctive when specific elements of the names are combined in a unique way, which means that they can become the dominant element of a trademark.

The colour game: pink as a trademark

The issue of colour as an element of a trademark will once again be the subject of a ruling by the courts in Poland. This time it is pink.

Calvin Klein is not the only “CK”

The European Court of Justice has held that the trademark “CK Creaciones Kennya” is not similar to the trademark “CK” registered by the Calvin Klein Trademark Trust for clothing.

Finding a home for orphan works

The existence of “orphan works” poses a dilemma for publishers: should they publish without the author’s consent, or resign themselves to the fact that a significant portion of our cultural heritage will not see the light of day?

Unlawful to reuse trademarked containers?

The ECJ is to decide whether reuse of packaging bearing a competitor’s brand is trademark infringement.

Battle with counterfeiters may get easier

More and more pirated goods are being seized by customs officials, according to this year’s report from the European Commission on enforcement of intellectual property rights by EU customs officials.