enforcement of claims

Changes in inheritance law

New rules on heirs’ liability for decedents’ debts are the most significant changes in the set of amendments to the Civil Code and the Civil Procedure Code, among other acts, effective 18 October 2015.

Amendments to Polish inheritance law—analysis and evaluation of proposed changes

Work is underway in the Parliament on a government bill to amend the Civil Code and the Civil Procedure Code in a way that would significantly modify the rules for heirs’ liability for debts inherited from the decedent. The first reading of the bill has already been held and it is expected to be approved by the Sejm soon.

Should Poland ratify the Cape Town Convention?

The Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment offers strong protection to sellers, lessors and financers of aircraft. More and more European countries are considering ratification of the convention. Should Poland be one of them?

New rules for recognition and enforcement of judgments—does easier mean better?

From January 2015 creditors holding a judgment issued in an EU member state will be able to obtain recognition or enforcement of the judgment in another member state without initiating an additional court proceeding.

A criminal case can also be settled

Legal measures for amicable resolution of a criminal case initiated by a creditor to enforce a receivable against assets depleted by the unlawful acts of the debtor.

Protecting the interests of creditors against dishonest actions by debtors

A creditor affected by asset-stripping by a debtor doesn’t have to remain a passive victim of dishonesty.